Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How do I submit my application?

Applications are accepted July 1-August 31 each year. Please submit your application by sending an email with all of the required and optional documentation attached to You will need to include your completed grant application, your 501c3 designation letter and up to 8 pages of any additional documentation (including a budget) with your message. 

2.     Can I submit my application by mail? 

No. The Ramlose Foundation's review process depends on receiving digital submissions via email. Please follow the instructions for submitting your application here. 

3. What types of projects does Ramlose generally fund? 

We generally tend to fund smaller qualified organizations where grants will be used for equipment or special projects. We seldom fund salaries or general operating support and rarely do we fund huge organizations. Since we do not provide a continuing source of funding, we do not usually make repetitive or multi-year grants to the same organization. We do not make grants to individuals. Small organizations receive preference over larger organizations.

4. What funding range do most of the grants fall into?

Most grants tend to be in the $2,000 - $6,000 range.

5. What geographic area does Ramlose prefer? 

Preference is given to applications received from organizations in close geographic proximity to Georgia and New England.

6. What are the demographics of the ideal recipients of a Ramlose Grant? 

The Ramlose Foundation prefers to fund proposals that do not limit their beneficiaries to a particular demographic or group. 

7. Does Ramlose fund operational requests?

Ramlose prefers to fund requests for special projects or equipment rather than general operational requests as this sort of support is not sustainable. 

8. Does Ramlose fund individuals? 

No. The Ramlose Foundation only funds valid 501c3 organizations. 

9. Do we have to have a valid 501c3 to receive a Ramlose grant? 

Yes. Your organization must have a valid 501c3 designation to receive a grant. The Ramlose Foundation will also vet your organization's nonprofit standing through an external service. 

10.  When can I submit my application?

The Ramlose Foundation will accept applications July 1-August 31. 

11.  How will I know if my submission is received? 

The Ramlose Foundation will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission to confirm that all pieces of your submission have been received. We will let you know if you have outstanding documents, but please try to submit all forms at once. 

12. When and how will I know if my project was funded?

The Ramlose Foundation will alert you of their decision by December 15 via email.  

13.  What makes an application stand out? 

The Ramlose Foundation looks for well thought out proposals that will have a meaningful and lasting effect. The best applications are specific and concise. We recommend giving a detailed breakdown of your proposal's budget and utilizing a short example or story to show how this funding would benefit your organization's mission. 

14. What are the top mistakes organizations make with their applications?

Requests for operational funds or multi-year support are rarely funded. Applications that don't include a specific project budget detailing how the requested funds would be used are rarely funded. Please try to itemize the cost of the project and what supplies or portions of it a Ramlose grant would cover. Please also include an organizational budget in summary. 

Applications that are incomplete, unclear or do not follow instructions for page limits, required materials, summarized budgets etc. are rarely funded.

Organizations that are very large and make it unclear how a modest Ramlose Grant would make much of an impact are rarely funded.

Requests for materials or a project that seem like more of a “want” than a “need.”  For example, the Ramlose Foundation rarely funds database upgrades, website development, the creation of promotional materials or staff trainings.

15.  Who do I contact with questions?

We regularly monitor our organizational email. Please submit questions through our contact us form or via email to We will get back to you within 48 hours. 


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